Monday, December 12, 2011

Talented and Handsome, Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke was born in Los Angeles to Different Strokes’ Alan Thicke and vocalist Gloria Loring. Destined for greatness, Robin self-taught himself how to play the piano at the tender age of twelve. By the time he was sixteen, Thicke was writing and producing songs for the likes of Brian McKnight, Brandy, and Color Me Badd. What is more, Robin had written and produced songs for more than twenty platinum and gold albums including but not limited to Pink, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, and Marc Anthony, just to name a few. Shortly thereafter, Robin Thicke was signed to Interscope records and quickly made his acquaintance with Andre Harrell who was former the Uptown Records CEO and mentor to many artists such as Sean “Diddy” Combs and Mary J. Blige. From there on, grew a creative working relationship between the two where Robin’s debut and critically acclaimed album, A Beautiful World was born and released under the alias, Thicke in 2003. 

Although this project did not perform to Robin’s expectations, he began to take a different approach. After he started to write songs about love, faith and hope, this lead to his second album in 2006 entitled, The Evolution of Robin Thicke, which became his breakthrough album.  This album also lead to a double platinum status with grand hits such as Lost Without U, which became “the #1 most played song in Urban Adult Contemporary BDS and topped four Billboard charts simultaneously”, according to Robin Thicke’s official website.
Mr. Thicke has now become one of the most talented, sexiest, and respected singers and songwriters in R&B and Soul music today.  2007 was a huge year for the artist, as he not only toured with Beyonce, but also appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show not once, but twice. That year he took home six awards and many nominations from seven different award shows. If that was not enough, Thicke released his third album, Something Else in 2008, which was said by critics to be one of the best soul albums in years and is Robin’s highest charted album to date. In 2009, Mr. Thicke decided to take a different approach and release a “fantasy world of eroticism” album entitled, Sex Therapy. The song Sex Therapy was named the sexiest song of the year and scored Mr. Thicke many awards.
Today, Robin Thicke is balancing fatherhood (20 month old son, Julian), marriage (high school sweetheart and actress, Paula Patton), and a successful career.  Just recently, he released his fifth album, Love After War on December 6, 2011. This album, according to Thicke’s official website, was “born out of a desire to be the uncompromising, idealistic artist he was as a boy, married with the weight of being a man with responsibilities and the scars of the past.”  Thicke’s goal with this album is to entertain, move, inspire his listeners, and make them love more. Thicke stated that with this album, he also wanted to write, produce, and sing the entire album without any collaboration with other artists. However, he folded when Lil' Wayne put a verse on the song, Pretty Little Heart.  It was so impressive to Robin that this track is the one and only track on the entire album that has collaboration.
Starring his wife, Paula Patton
I had the honor of making the acquaintance of Robin Thicke in November 2011 at the radio station (97.7fm WRBJ), where I am currently an On-Air Personality Intern. I can honestly say he is extremely talented and very down to earth, which is something I can appreciate in a celebrity.  He not only did an interview on-air, he was also willing to take pictures with and sign autographs for staff as well as sit and have lunch with the staff as a gift to the winner of the Lunch with Robin Thicke contest. What is more, Mr. Thicke has a sense of humor that is an attention getter and is even more attractive in person (inside and out).
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