Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And The 2011 B.E.T. OMG Award Goes To…Ms. Kelly Rowland

The much anticipated 11th annual BET Awards aired at 8:00 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, June 26, 2011 and was hosted by the hysterical and crazy comedian, Kevin Hart.  This year’s awards show was centered around who would Rock The Mic.  Everyone’s pre-show vote was Chris Brown and as expected, he did rock the mic with a killer performance.  However, viewers were not quite ready for what was yet to hit the stage.

Kelly Rowland, former member of one of the most popular R&B female groups, Destiny’s Child, showed up and showed out at the 11th annual BET Awards.  Ms. Rowland demanded the stage in her sexy black outfit and flop hat, as she performed her sizzling and motivational hit song, Motivation along with music artist, Trey Songz.  Trey Songz finished his portion of the dual segment by saying, “But even I need a little motivation,” as he introduced Ms. Kelly Rowland to shut down the remainder of the segment and Rowland did just that.  Motivation from her 3rd solo album, Here I Am, has scored the stunning Ms. Kelly a No. 1 position on the Billboard Charts earning her much recognition.  According to Facebook mini-feeds, many viewers in TV land anxiously awaited her performance, as Motivation has reached the No. 4 position for Ringtones and No. 18 position for Radio Songs.  

By the end of the night during the BET Awards Post-Show After Party segment, Kelly Rowland won the OMG Performance Award of the night voted on by viewers. As if her video for Motivation had not already had the world thinking, “OMG!”  Not only the lights and cameras wowed viewers, but also all the action Kelly showed on stage.  Kelly’s fierce choreography with and without her background dancers as well as her interaction with Trey Songz as she removed her blazer, neck tie, and see-through blouse left many mouths wide open.

2011 BET Awards Performance

From a personal standpoint, Kelly Rowland’s performance was my favorite performance of the night.  Even I have posted the performance on my personal Facebook page.  What is more, I too have had Motivation as my ringtone for quite some time now and I will also invest in her 3rd album.  If you enjoyed Kelly’s performance at the 2011 BET Awards as well as other performances, why don’t you Share In The BlogLedge, and post your sentiments about this topic.

Official Video for Motivation by Kelly Rowland f/ Lil Wayne


  1. Yes she was well deserving of the OMG Award...hmph she "motivated" me to get back in the gym..yep I think I'll start today lol!

  2. Hi bRoWnBoNe!

    Yes, I must admit, she made me want to get back in the gym too. :)

    Kelly and celebrity fitness coach, Jeanette Jenkins (whipped Kelly into shape) are coming out with a workout DVD. I think I need to invest so I can keep in shape from home when I do not feel too "Motivated" to go to the gym. LOL

    Thanks so much bRoWnBoNe, for Sharing In The BlogLedge! :)

  3. She definitely deserved the OMG award. She got up on that stage and made everyone realize she is back for real and showed us a side of Kelly no one had seen. She did a great job. Thanks for also having the video clip. I just watched her performance again and was like OMG KELLY!!!! Also, great post. I just realized what Trey said bout him needing some motivation after you mentioned it.

  4. Hi Adeola!

    I have seen so many posts that said, #BeyonceWho? LOL. Kelly showed up and showed out, most definitely! I have never seen that side of her before, especially not as a solo artist. And yes, Trey Songz knew what he was doing when he said even he could use a little motivation. SMH on that one. Can you keep a secret (ha ha!)? I like to keep watching the clip myself, as it was an awesome performance!

    Thanks for the compliments, Adeola and thanks for Sharing In The BlogLedge!

  5. Lol. Yeah he definitely did lol. But dont worry ur secret is safe with me ;)and it definitely was a great performance