Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Does What You Post On Social Networks Matter?

Please be careful about what you post online.  After all, it is the WORLD WIDE WEB!  People fail to realize what 'www' means.  I have seen so many news stories on the Today's Show about how many employers do not hire candidates due to their facebook or twitter pages.  I have even seen stories of people going to jail for things they have stated or posted on social networks. I have also seen so many stories about youth committing suicide from being bullied because they trusted posting photos "in privacy" via inboxes, but somehow they were released.  My mother always told me, "Never post or write something you do not want to be read or seen, because as long as it is in writing or put on public sites such as emails, social sites, etc., it can be and most likely WILL be read or seen."
I take this advice to heart, and with my aspiring to be in the entertainment industry, this advice should be at the top of my list of priorities to abide by.  However, you do not have to be venturing through the world of entertainment to monitor what you post.  You should do this whether you are in grade school, college, your career, and in every day life.  Have fun, yes, but be tasteful.

It is all just sad.  This is why I emphasize to be extremely careful! 

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  1. Anytime you can get fired from your job over things said on social media sites, it matters...

  2. So true, I am still always amazed by people who insist on putting EVERYTHING on their pages. Just the other day someone told me that her niece's car was stolen because she kept updating her FB profile saying where she was. Big Brother is always watching. I think the words common sense and decency have alluded alot of folks.

  3. Justin: Simply put, and it surely does matter. There are all types of controversy about people being fired, being mistreated, or being forced to resign because of dialogue via their social networks. Check out this article:

    Heather: Wow! Yes you have to use common sense. Recently facebook had a locator application that told where you were by where you logged on from. I thought that was outlandish, but when you voluntarily give your whereabouts, that cannot lead to a positive outcome. I am glad the car was stolen and not her. That's the good in that situation. Hopefully now she knows to scale back on updating her every move. It is sad, but definitely a reality check.

    Thank You Justin & Heather for Sharing In The BlogLedge! :)

  4. I think it depends on who's doing the posting and the topic....

  5. Hmmmm, that's an interesting and different perspective. Did not think of it like that. How so?

  6. I also think it depends on who and what you are posting. Ex. facebook. Since being on facebook, i have actually connected with a lot of people that i may not have connected with otherwise. I have actually connected with relatives that i did not even know existed so that has been good, but sometimes people do go to far. I don't think you should post your every move, because you never know who is reading and waiting for you to cause you or your property harm. you are correct, social networks sites should be fun, and pleasant, even uplifting.

  7. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites definitely have advantages, don't get me wrong, but however, they have their disadvantages as well. It is good to connect with those who you would not otherwise connect with (especially relatives as you mentioned) and stay abreast on events and birthdays, etc., but yes, people do take it too far. Something fun can easily turn into something dangerous especially when you update your every move. I guess it is a lesson that we trust too easily.

    Thanks Tamika, for Sharing In The BlogLedge! :)

  8. Ok social networking has its pros and cons. It can help you as well as harm you. These types of sites suppose to be there so you could meet and greet as well as stay in touch with family and friends. Mostly as people always spoil something use the network to tell all the gossip in town to harm people and to let people know their every move. Like some people would put I'm at the club smoking and drinking or I just got out the shower stuff of that nature. Nobody needs to know all your personal business. As far as social sites goes it does matter what you post, because when you are trying to find a job every bit counts. If social sites can case you your job or your life then you should think twice before you run to post all the juicy gossip or any sort of trash on the WORLD WIDE WEB. You can bet your money on it if it's wrong it will come back to hunt you. This is a very serious matter that scrolls the nation. Everyday in class we discuss these matters and the importance of them. Think twice before you enter the social networking world because once it's out there it's no turning back it does matter.

  9. Shunketha: Your thoughts are very true! I especially want to point out when people post nonsense. Things such as being out at a club smoking and drinking, even calling women AND MEN too (goes both ways), out of their names, or using explicit profane language will all have a negative effect on you somewhere down the line, especially during job hunts. You're right, once you put it out there, there is no taking it back. The infamous phrase "Some people mess it up for everybody", has so much validity.

    Think about those individuals who are pedophiles or stalkers; what kind of message does it send to say, "I am about to get in the shower" or "I just got out of the shower?" Please do not provoke these sick individuals anymore than they already are provoked. It is a matter of life or death.

    How about when you are not posting about your every move or cursing all over the place, but instead you are talking about your boss or the company all over these social media sites? It still matters. As previously posted, check out this article to see the ripple effects it can cause:

    In the end, yes, it does matter.

    Thanks for Sharing In The BlogLedge, Shunketha! :)

  10. I agree also with your mom... As long as it is out there it is possible for someone to see and black mail. As far as the bulling goes if fb was only available to college aged individuals like it was suppose to be then it would cut out on a lot of immature kids that want to torture someone that their probably jealous of or will someday be their boss. As far as employers you should be careful one who you accept as a friend and two everything you do or think somethings needs to be just a thought or buried with you at death because things do come back and haunt you... All in all if you do like what people say if you wouldn't want your mom seeing or reading it..don't do it... Or even just go by the basic instruction before leaving earth (BIBLE) and just do unto others as you would want done to you everyone would be fine... Just think W.W.J.D (lol)

  11. I think you did a great job on your presentation. The answer to your question would be yes. Whether some people know it or not but their posts represents them. That's why a lot of companies go beyond just an interview but they also look into your profiles, i guess so they can take a look into the REAL YOU

  12. Praise: I do agree that Facebook should have remained a collegiate social site, but sometimes college level individuals do not always act as such either! Yes, it may cut down on some of the immaturity, but not significantly. Check out these articles:

    Even as college students, people still post too much and give out too much information. ALL ages need to know that there is a limit of TRUST you should have when it comes to the WORLD WIDE WEB.

    I too often think about the infamous statement, "Treat people the way you would want to be treated". What happens when you have people who do not care of how they are treated themselves? How would this statement be rearranged? Some people just do not care, and unfortunately, everyone does not live by WWJD. How I wish we all did, but some do not. When it comes to what you are posting, just be careful whether you are in college and older or college and younger. BTW...moms are smart! :)

    KaJuanza: Thanks for the compliment! YES, your post are a direct representation of you. Companies are definitely going beyond interviews these days. This is quite controversial too, because people feel that your outside life should not affect the progress of your professional life. Whether it should or should not, the fact remains that it does, because employers want to see the REAL YOU! The ironic thing is, these employers have outside lives as well, and they choose to "conveniently" forget about that bit of information.

    Thanks Praise & KaJuanza, for Sharing In The BlogLedge :)

  13. I definitely agree Michelle and I love your last sentence "Have fun but be tasteful"! My employer's view point (which i share) is that, if you're uncomfortable with something being posted on the front page of the newspaper, then you probably shouldn't be sharing it, especially NOT on the world wide web! Good job on the blog!

  14. Lola: Thanks so much for the compliments!!! Yes, you should have fun and network as well, but please be tasteful. Also, your employer's sentiments are right on target. "If you're uncomfortable with something being posted on the front page of the newspaper, then you probably should not be sharing it", is sound and great advice. Another thought is if you have to think twice about it, then you probably should not be posting it.

    Lola, thanks for your (and your employer's) perspective, and thanks for Sharing In The BlogLedge! :)

  15. I agree with KaJuanza about when employers forget that they have lives outside of their jobs. Its all controversial. No choice, decision, or idea is one sided. There are pros & cons that can be debated in every situation. When it comes to employers, I feel that it can harm & it can help. Ie. I post about the mistreatment or discrimination I feel about my job on FB or MySpace (just to name). On one hand my job may not like it & fire me over it, but a friend or the next person may also be like well so&so said that they treat their employees like this there & I don't think that is a good job for me.

    YouTube posts a lot of suicide letters, rumored stories, and a lot of truth. The news does the same. Every one has a story to tell or some money they want to try and make. Yes, we all should be careful about what we post, but we are all individuals. We all think differently. If we thought the same about everything the world would be one big boring place.

    Windolyn Michelle (lol) I am very excited that this topic was chosen to be discussed in your blog. I learned the hard way about one of my posts on someone stated don't post anything that you wouldn't want your mother to read. Basically, I have my mother, a grandmother, & cousins who are preachers on FB, as well as my own preacher so being aware of what I say is important but I also have to be me plus a little sensored.

    As far as the younger children go, I remember when FB was only for college & older adults. The kids had another site which I can't remember the name. The situation with that goes on the parents not monitoring what their kids are doing. This also leads to pedophilles & stalkers. We have to accept responsibility for ourselves & our children, if any. Most (no disrespect to others) parents are too worried with catching babydaddy/mamma cheating or trying to find the next sugardaddy that they forget about their kids & they end up raising themselves. We should not live like this because the children are our future. So on that note, I ask, "What is in store for our future?"

  16. Angel: I can see the positive in forewarning future candidates of what they may be getting themselves into by seeking employment where you work or previously worked. However, you would definitely be taking a risk with your own future. I do not mean at that particular company, but with future companies who reference back to your former employer or may know executives personally from your previous employer. In forewarning others, be careful not to jeopardize thy own future. Find a "special" way where both you and future candidates can benefit. Be smart about that. Remember, when you post certain things, you cannot take it back. So, yes, maybe it will ruin the brand of your former employer, but what is in store for your future if other companies come in contact with what you've posted?

    R. Angel B. (lol), I thought that this would be an interesting topic to discuss as we are really learning how to promote our brand professionally in my Entertainment Business Master's Program. I am glad that it touches others as well. I do hate that you had to learn the hard way. Just as your mom, grandmother, preacher, just to name a few, are your friends on Facebook, and see what you post, so do employers. Remember that!

    I too remember when Facebook was solely for the collegiate audience. You could not even sign up if you did not have a valid collegiate email account. My, how time has changed. I concur that children are raising themselves OR better yet, being raised by the internet, television, radio, etc., because some parents are not devoting enough attention to what their children are getting into or have access to. Lots of P. I. (private investigating) does go on on social media sites, which steals valuable attention away from the child. Parents cannot monitor EVERYTHING, but they could definitely monitor much more than some do. I do not feel that children under high school ages (maybe), should even have a Facebook account, but hey, that is just my opinion. You are absolutely correct in inquiring "What is in store for our future". At this rate, it is not looking too good, but the question is, "Why complain? Let's do something about it!"

    Angel, you mentioned a lot of interesting views. Thanks so much for Sharing In The BlogLedge! :)

  17. As a member of the health care field I personally see the negative affects public social networks can have on one's profession. Too much information is given about themselves and/or their patients, which always has a negative outcome. For example, there have been several reports stating certain nurses where terminated or suspend because they shared personal medical information concerning a patient via the internet. We have also had a particular nurse suspended for calling in sick and then posting of Facebook that he/she is chilling on the beech! lol. I personally thought that was not the smartest move because this person was friends with the mangers.
    We also have to help our younger generation and please inform them that less is more. They are pressured to uphold a certain level of "coolness" so they feel if they post provocative comments and show provocative pictures this will help boost their popularity. However, that type of behavior only teaches them to be followers and not leaders. They have to learn how to make better decisions and to be strong enough to not be influenced by peer pressure. I have personally seen to many degrading pictures and post that most defiantly will come back to hunt them in the future. People should learn how to respect and love themselves because no one else will! I am rambling and can go on and on so this ends my opinion.

  18. Ashleigh: Thanks so much for your examples. These are great reasons to illustrate that what you post does matter.

    Referring back to what I previously stated in my initial post, "However, you do not have to be venturing through the world of entertainment to monitor what you post. You should do this whether you are in grade school, college, your career, and in every day life. Have fun, yes, but be tasteful."

    This goes to show you that it does not matter whether you are going into a profession in entertainment (such as I am) or in a health care profession (such as you are), we all must be careful of what we post on social media sites.

    As far as helping our younger generation, I concur. Peer pressure is at an all time high! How did it get to the point where youth perceive being "cool" as being explicit/provocative? I like how you stated that we should teach them that "less is more". We do have to help our youth understand that they must love and respect themselves. Somewhere down the line when the younger generation seeks employment and starts promoting themselves professionally, those "not so good" decisions they made exploiting themselves and their bodies, will indeed come back to haunt them.

    BTW, you were not rambling. You made a lot of valid points!

    Thanks for Sharing In The BlogLedge, Ashleigh! :)

  19. I totally agree. People should be more cautious with what they put on social networks. A lot of times people fail to realize that not everyone out there has your best interest at heart, so every little detail helps them in plotting their evil plans. In conclusion, be careful what you post, nobody needs to know all your business. Just like you said Michelle, have fun but be tasteful :)

  20. Adeola: I definitely agree that everyone DOES NOT have your best interest at heart. While you are having fun, and being too trusting, someone is out there plotting a way to hurt you. It could be because of jealousy as misery loves company. Yes, as I stated, have fun, but PLEASE be tasteful!

    Thanks so much Adeola, for Sharing In The BlogLedge! :)